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      ??????Design Team : NONZERO
      PACKAGE.: Chaos Chen; Tony /  Design: Limuting / Engineering: Jayden; Sandula
      Digital Model: Tyrese/Rendering Animation: Blackie; / Graphic Design:Zola

      We are glad to debut in EICMA [2049] of the concept of traffic system can bring pleasantly surprised, as the EICMA ended, 【 2049 】 also ended a brief and unforgettable trip to Italy, we also harvested the guests from around the world full o?f blessings and a unique memories.

      In the exhibition, along with the cheerful atmosphere of the scene, 【 2049 】 also felt the unique enthusiasm of the audience in Italian style. We were honored to receive praise and guidance from many predecessors and colleagues on the scene, and also had in-depth exchanges with the professionals on the scene.

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